V Graham Norton was a 5-weekly talk show hosted by Graham Norton on late night Channel 4 television between 2002 and 2003. Because it aired daily during the workweek, however, it ran for 280 episodes — a higher episode count than any other Norton-hosted show as of 2014. The first show entirely produced by So Television, it supplanted the earlier So Graham Norton, while retaining much of its predecessor's style and formatting. Thus, it continued to feature Norton in one-on-one conversation with his guests, and had significant audience interaction. Norton also continued his penchant for sexual innuendo.

The show was only marginally different from its predecessor. However, it introduced at least one innovative segment which pushed the boundaries of live television at the time. As far as the audience was concerned, Norton had somehow procured a then-new webcam technology that allowed him to put a camera capable of recording sound and images into various random locations, and was then able to interact with random people who passed by it. He could then tell them to do various things, or to have them interact with his in-studio guests. In reality, however, it wasn't a webcam at all, but a more traditional camera that was fitted out with microwave link technology, and then fed back to the studio in a visual interface faked to look like a webcam. Nevertheless, the essence of the gag still persists today in shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show. A similar segment occurs very occasionally on The Graham Norton Show, though usually it involves people who randomly pass by a hidden camera on the street, rather than people who enter an enclosed space that happens to have a hidden camera.

V Graham Norton ended largely so that Norton could attempt to break into the American market with NY Graham Norton in 2004.

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