So Graham Norton was a weekly talk show hosted by Graham Norton on late night Channel 4 television. Running from 1998 to 2002, it featured Norton in intimate, one-on-one conversation with his guests, as well as significant audience participation, and even in-studio prize giveaways. A staple of early BBC America programming, as well as syndication in other parts of the English-speaking world, it was the first contact many viewers had with Norton. Originally 40 minutes, it became a 50-minute show midway through its run. In 2002, it was supplanted by a 30-minute, 5-weekly show called V Graham Norton.

Even so, the show is not properly thought of as the precursor to The Graham Norton Show, as its format was much more akin to Alan Carr: Chatty Man or a more raucous version of Parkinson. Furthermore guests were not chosen because they happened to be pushing a current project, but rather simply because Norton wanted to talk with them. Consequently, the show features guests that were perhaps more important to Norton’s youth — like {[w|William Shatner}}, Lindsay Wagner, Michael Learned Donny Osmond and Roger Moore — or just those that were a part of significant, but no longer topical, televisual moments, like Patrick Duffy, Loretta Swit and Cybill Shepherd. that said, he did have occasionally topical guests, such as happened on the final show; the 1 March 2002 edition featured Orlando Bloom in the few months between the theatrical releases of Black Hawk Down and The Two Towers.

Though not much of the format of the show was retained by the higher-profile Graham Norton Show, a few obvious things persisted. Norton’s TGNS opening from the audience, and his occasional use of audience members for gags, can easily be traced back to SGN — even though the earlier show made even greater use of the studio. Also, Norton’s delight of odd things on the internet, which usually appears in a few episodes of each series of TGNS, was a staple of most episodes of SGN. And finally, Norton’s production company, So Television, is a reminder of that old show's title. Indeed, it almost certainly derived its name from the show, since it was formed in 2000, after SGN had been in production for a couple of years.

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