This wiki is so Graham Norton. (Sorta.)
If you're watching The Graham Norton Show from somewhere other than the United Kingdom, we here at TGNS Wiki know that things can get a little confusing. Graham, perched on a stool, talking to someone famous — that's The Graham Norton Show, right? Well, not exactly. See TGNS has a few unique qualities. First, it's a BBC show, and none of his other talk shows actually premiered on the Beeb. Second, it's a really different format to what he's done in the past. So, in order to know what's actualy TGNS, and what's merely "a Graham Norton Show", do a little catch-up by clicking on one of the following links:
Still confused? Don't be.

If you're still a little confused over which Graham Norton show we're on about, take a look at this video. It's just one of hundreds you can find here. But it'll give you an idea of what the set looks like — and the kind of fun, free-for-all atmosphere that Graham delivers every Friday night.

No, really. Don't get lost.
We've worked really hard to make all our information here easy to find. Basically, this is a database of all the guests that have appeared on The Graham Norton Show. You can find those guests by a number of different paths. So take your pick:
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